This course offers students an overview of history and politics of Turkey. The primary objective of the course is to introduce the students to Turkish politics and foreign relations from the 19th century (Ottoman background) to the present. The course is to focus on major developments in Ottoman and Turkish politics, foreign policy objectives, changing world orders, and how the Ottoman and Turkish foreign policy appeared either in proactive or reactive forms. The students are expected to have a background knowledge about basic parameters of Turkish politics and foreign relations with regard to changing contexts in regional and world politics. The course covers first of all the historical background of modern Turkey; how it evolved into the Republic of Turkey from the Ottoman past; and then what main political processes and socio-political transitions Turkey and Turkish people lived from 1920s to the present time. Such issues as enduring Ottoman legacies in Turkish politics and foreign relations, Atatürk’s reforms and modernization in Turkey, nation-building process, religious and identity issues, authoritarianism and challenges of democracy, great power strategies towards Turkey and Turkish regional context (Middle East), parameters and trends in Turkish politics and foreign relations, issues and challenges facing Turkey today and in the near future will be discussed in the course. The foreign policy of Turkey during Cold War era and Post-Cold War era combined, current trends, and Turkey’s regional and international context and position in world politics will be covered as well.