Today, as always, the science of chemistry, together with other sciences that depend on it, stands at the forefront of discovery. The impact of chemistry especially on biological world is enormous. Understanding basic concepts of chemistry in medical studies is important, since it plays vital role in a wide range of biomedical processes. This course focuses on essential concepts in general chemistry that occurs in biological aspects and enlightens students` knowledge on molecular medicine.

Much of the biological research during the past hundred years has been directed toward understanding living systems in terms of basic physical laws. This effort has yielded some significant successes. The atomic structure of many complex biological molecules has now been determined, and the role of these molecules within living systems has been described. It is now possible to explain the functioning of cells and many of their interactions with each other. Yet the work is far from complete. Even when the structure of a complex molecule is known, it is not possible at present to predict its function from its atomic structure. The mechanisms of cell nourishment, growth, reproduction, and communication are still understood only qualitatively. Many of the basic questions in biology remain unanswered. However, biological research has so far not revealed any areas where physical laws do not apply. The amazing properties of life seem to be achieved by the enormously complex organization in living systems.

The aim of this course is to relate some of the concepts in physics to living systems. In general, this course follows topics found in basic college physics texts. The discussion is organized into the following areas: mechanics, thermodynamics, sound, electricity, optics, etc.

MEDICAL BIOLOGY is must course of Medical School

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