Prior to enrolling EM course, a typical student should have taken one or more courses in Physics and Circuits. He or she should be familiar with circuit analysis, Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws, and related topics in Physics.
Course Objectives

Students will be able to use vector calculus efficiently to solve electromagnetic problems.

Students will comprehend the electrostatic phenomena and be able to solve  static electric field.

Students will understand the concept of steady currents and be able to solve related problems.

Students will comprehend the magnetostatic phenomena and be able to solve  static magnetic field problems.

Students will comprehend and apply the concept of electromagnetic induction.

Course Content

Review of vector analysis. Electrostatic fields in vacuum and material bodies. Dielectric properties of materials. Electrostatic energy and forces. Steady electric current and conductors. Static magnetic fields in vacuum and in materials. Magnetic energy and forces. Quasistatic fields and electromagnetic induction.

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